Why Every Small Business Should Have a Great Website

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According to reports, only 50% of small businesses have a website. At the same time, nearly 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses. Many SMBs assume that they’re too small to benefit from having a website built. However, they couldn’t be more wrong.  If you’re a small business, launching a website can give you…

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10 Reason A Website Is Crucial For Your Business. Learn Why!

10 Reasons A Website Is Crucial For Your Business

1. The Internet is the Reason Why Phone Books are Obsolete When was the last time you’ve seen a phone book in homes and businesses? I’m going to guess that it’s been a while. Nowadays, people use the internet like a phonebook. When a customer first starts to think about the buying process for almost…

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3 MUST HAVES On Your Website

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3 MUST Haves On Your Website Why am I not getting customers to my website? I have spent months planning, designing, and setting up my business website. I launched it so the whole world can find my business and…NOTHING!!! The internet is full of these sites. There are over a billion websites online and you are…

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How to update your WordPress website

How to update your WordPress website 1. Make sure you backup your website anytime you are going to run updates. 2. Log into your website using the link and credentials provided. By default, WordPress uses the web address http://your-domain-name.com/wp-admin but this can be customized to your site. Press enter and it will bring you to…

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Is your website mobile friendly and responsive?

Is your website mobile friendly and responsive? If not, you’re going to want it to be. Google is changing how it is indexing websites based on the fact that there are more searches being done with mobile phones than websites now. As such, according to Google, “our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version…

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