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Local SEO – What is it? Why do I need local SEO

Local SEO – What is it and why do I need it? Local SEO is optimizing your business for local search results. When someone searches for a restaurant or business in a specific location, those results are going to be affected by local SEO. When people search on their mobile phones it is using local…

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What is WordPress and how do I install it?

WordPress is an open source CMS(content management system). A content management system is basically a way of organizing all your information in a database for your website to display. It is the magic behind WordPress being so user friendly and customizable. So what is the difference between WordPress and a regular website? Nothing, you can…

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Divi Quick Tip – Disappearing images

Divi Quick Tip – Disappearing images Today while I was working on optimizing a couple of my websites. I noticed that one of them was missing images in random areas. I have seen this before with caching issues but, this time they did not reappear after clearing the browser cache and the see the CDN…

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Want A Thriving Business? Focus On long tailed keywords!

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On long tailed keywords! OK wait a minute, what the heck are long tail keywords and why do I care? When most people search for something online, they start out with a very broad, wide ranging search. A search, for example, could be “car dealers”. After you type this in,…

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3 MUST HAVES On Your Website

3 MUST Haves On Your Website Why am I not getting customers to my website? I have spent months planning, designing, and setting up my business website. I launched it so the whole world can find my business and…NOTHING!!! The internet is full of these sites. There are over a billion websites online and you are…

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7 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Their Website

7 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Their Website          If you want to rank ahead of your competition in search engine results, there are some things you need to know. First of all, the transition to online advertising and maintaining a website as a major way to be found by customers may still be…

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