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Southern Floors and Renovations

Overview of Request

Southernfloorsandrenovations.com was a 4 page site with hundreds of images in a gallery that did not show on Android phones.

  • Refresh look of the site
  • Make the site mobile friendly
  • Improve SEO
  • Organize images better

Our Solution

  1. Built a new site on a Premium WordPress Theme.
  2. Created a responsive site that is mobile freindly.
  3. Optimized Images to correct size and quality for website. Configured hosting and CDN to help speed up the load speed.
  4. Added proper on site SEO to help show in rankings
  5. Setup Google My Business properly


The original request was to refresh site, fix the gallery to work on all mobile devices, and provide on page SEO. Southernfloorsandrenovations.com is now hosted with Worry Free Web Design and has a new fresh look. The image gallery has been updated and is visible on all devices. On page SEO has helped improve Google Rankings. We also setup local SEO to include Southern Floors and Renovations on Goggle Maps properly.

They went from no top ranked keywords to currently having 3 top ranked keywords and 25 first page keywords. They have a 50% increase or more in Organic Google visitors.

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