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How to update your WordPress website

How to update your WordPress website

1. Make sure you backup your website anytime you are going to run updates.

2. Log into your website using the link and credentials provided. By default, WordPress uses the web address http://your-domain-name.com/wp-admin but this can be customized to your site. Press enter and it will bring you to your log in screen. You will then use your provided credentials to log in.

3. Once logged in, you will be at your dashboard. From here you want to look at the top left side under home. There you see updates. When there is an update ready, you will see a red circle with a number of updates inside. You can also see your updates at the top of the page represented by two arrows in the circle with a white number next to it. Another place you may see a circle and number for updates in next to Plugins.

4. Click on Updates and it will take you to the WordPress updates page. Here you will see update information for WordPress, Plugins, and Themes.
a. WordPress will be at the top and will show you when it checked for updates last, give you option to install, or download. Before selecting Install, please make sure all plugin and Theme updates have been done.
b. Plugins – Select the plugins you would like to update or check select all and click on update plugins.
c. Themes – Select the Themes you would like to update or check select all and click on update Themes.

5. Select return to WordPress update page until all updates are completed.

6. You have just updated your website. Test your site and if you experience issues you may have to remove a plugin or restore to your backup of your website.

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