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How I Brought 181 New Users to My Website and Reached 986 New People on Facebook

How I Brought 181 New Users to My Website and Reached 986 New People on Facebook

Okay let’s be honest. Not very many of us enjoy blogging. And if you’re a small business you certainly don’t have time to sit down and write a blog about yourself. But what if I could tell you that you can bring 181 new customers to your site. And reach 986 new customers on Facebook. Because that’s what I did in just 4 simple blogs.

So from the time I started my website everyone kept telling me you need to blog blog blog to get customers. My thought was who is going to want to read about what I have to say? What am I going to write about? How many people are really going to see it?

As a web designer and SEO specialist, there are thousands of websites that are out there competing for the same customers I am. All this know how to do search engine optimization in what is already a very competitive market. So fighting for customers to see a web consultants website will always been very difficult.

So one day I decided to do an experiment. I was going to force myself to write for simple blogs and post them. In my mind this was mostly to prove that it really wasn’t that important and that there is overrated. What happened next truly surprised me.

I logged onto Google analytics and I saw my page views increase by 45.55%. So I started to dig a little deeper and I found those blogs made a substantial difference in how many people were seeing me. My sessions had gone up 129.75%. My users had gone up 152.10%. Bringing me in a total of the hundred and 81 new and unique users to my website. So I decided to look at Facebook and see how those posts had done. I saw that I had reached 986 new people.

This amazed me. I had no idea that that many people would actually see my blog posts and that it would bring that much Internet traffic to a small web designer website.

So as a small business after testing this experiment in proving the experts right I have to stress and recommends creating blog posts. Now I personally know how hard it is to write a blog post and I feel your pain. But how important is your business to you? Do you realize how many customers you are missing out on? If you are not a writer do you employ somebody that can do the writing for you? If not you may want to consider hiring someone to write a blog post for you on a weekly basis.

Not only does this bring in new customers to your site but it also tells Google and the other search engines that your website is relevant fresh and important to people. This will help rank your site better in the search engines and bring even more customers to your business.

Now I know how hard it is to write and I know how hard it is to talk about your business because I’m doing it. After seeing the results I will continue doing this because this is the best way to bring customers to my site and improve my search rankings. I have included in this blog a link to a guide that will help you create new content for your blog. Please download it and try it out. I challenge you to write for blog posts and post one each week and see what it does for your website traffic Look at your Google analytics or whatever tool you use to view your website statistics and see how it improves your business.

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