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7 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Their Website

7 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Their Website         

If you want to rank ahead of your competition in search engine results, there are some things you need to know. First of all, the transition to online advertising and maintaining a website as a major way to be found by customers may still be a relatively new thing, but tremendous advancements have been made. Gone are the days when the best a small business owner could hope for was luck in finding a reliable web company to affordably achieve search engine optimization (SEO) and increase brand exposure. No more flying blind. Internet activities can all be tracked, and you can access and use the information to continually improve your online efforts.

Know These 7 Things

The following are things you should know about your website, to get ahead of your competitors. Your online marketing company should give you the tools to find out the following or they should be tracking the data themselves, as guidance for improving search engine ranking.

1-How many visitors is your website getting? When you begin investing in search engine optimization and other online marketing efforts, your number of visitors should increase. If it doesn’t, the SEO strategy needs to be revised.

2-How are visitors finding you? If you are found organically, it means they did a search and discovered your site. They may also get there because of a referral or by directly entering your website address. This information will also give you an indication of what is working, as far as increasing online traffic.

3-How long are they staying? When visitors explore your website, it means you are doing something right, such as web design and compelling content. If there is an indication of a high bounce rate, search engines will lower your ranking, since it means visitors aren’t drawn in by what they see.

4-What pages are they spending time on? You can find out what is working and what to add more information about by learning which of your pages visitors tend to stay on for a while.

5-What keywords are being focused on? The right choice of keywords is a strategic matter that experienced SEO experts understand.

6-What keywords are you showing up for in Google Analytics? If there are important keywords you aren’t doing well with, a different SEO strategy is needed.

7-Where do you rank for those keywords? Also, how do your competitors rank for those keywords, and why are they beating you?

Many of these question and answers can be more effectively answered and addressed by an SEO expert. Online advertising has the potential to far outpace other, more expensive methods. It’s worth it to invest in an online marketing company that knows, for instance, how to adjust SEO tactics based on answers to these seven important questions.

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