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3 MUST HAVES On Your Website

3 MUST Haves On Your Website

Why am I not getting customers to my website? I have spent months planning, designing, and setting up my business website. I launched it so the whole world can find my business and…NOTHING!!!

The internet is full of these sites. There are over a billion websites online and you are just 1 in 1,000,000,000.

That’s ok because we have search engines like, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, right? They will find our website and bring customers our way.

Thankfully, this is true. Now let me tell you 3 very important things to have on your site to get high enough in the search results for people to find you.

Do you know how to get a search engine to see your website?

Search engines scan your site for very specific entries and index them. You want to make sure your site has all of these items in place. Today I am going to give you 3 entries that will help your site get better positions in the search rankings:

    1. Page Title – For example: “Web Design – SEO – Hosting in Mukilteo WA 98275 and Kent WA 98042” This tells the search engines that this page is about Web Design, SEO, Hosting and it is located in Mukilteo and Kent. So when someone searches for “Web design in Mukilteo” or if they live in Mukilteo and search “Web Design near me”, the search engine knows that this page is about web design and more relevant to the searcher than a web design page in New York.


    1. Meta Description –  Meta descriptions often gets confused with Meta Keywords. Meta Keywords were huge back in the early days of the web but now, not so much. Meta description is a short description of the page. You see it when you are searching for something. When you get the search results, you see the page title first, then underneath, you see a brief description of the content. That is your page meta description. It does not help specifically with your ranking position but helps your click through rate(CTR). The click through rate is the percentage of people who visit your site after seeing a link for it and actually click to go to your site.


    1. H1 (Heading 1) – To most people, H1, H2, H3 are used to determine the size or look of your titles. They do just that but their main purpose is to show search engines and people that these are important bits of information. They give the page an outline of important topics. H1 is the main focus of the page. This helps the search engine determine what terms are most important for this page. For instance:


  • H1 – American Muscle Cars
  • H2- Ford Muscle Cars
  • H3 – Car 1
  • H3 – Car 2
  • H3 – Car 3
  • H2- Chevy Muscle Cars
  • H3 – Car 1
  • H3 – Car 2
  • H3 – Car 3
  • H2- Dodge Muscle Cars
  • H3 – Car 1
  • H3 – Car 2
  • H3 – Car 3

How can I check these?

When you are on your website, go to the page you want to check and right click anywhere on the page and select view source. This will give you a text version of your page. This text version is what a search engine sees to index and rank your site.

Here are some examples from my page.

Page Title:

<title>Web Design – SEO – Hosting in Mukilteo WA 98275 and Kent WA 98042</title>

Meta Description:

<meta name=”description” content=”Serving Mukilteo and Lynnwood, Worry Free Web Design and SEO is your personal website design and marketing agency. Specializing in small business.” />


<h1>Worry Free Web Design and SEO</h1>

Take a look and see things from a search engine’s perspective. If your page title is Home and you are missing H1, then your web page is 1 in a billion and will most likely never get seen.

Need help finding out what your site is showing up as? Send me an email at korey@worryfreewebdesignandseo.com and I can help you.

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